Character Movement

These are some of the videos we looked at when considering how our character could move.

The ink creature in Sang d’Encre (2012):

The water fairies in Maleficent (2014):

Mermaid Swimming:

We really liked how flowy the ink creature was and I thought for a while that we could do something similar with nCloth.. Clare found this tutorial on how to create wings with nCloth:

When making Anam’s head scales I tried to model them similar to wings with a skeleton on each side and a plane stretched between. I had planned to make them look like they were caught in an ethereal breeze but I didn’t get enough time to figure out how to make separate nuclei to act on the cloak and head scales (I thought that maybe the head scales needed less gravity but there’re probably other ways of going about it).


This is a nice example of how the waves in the distance could be animated.The scene with the boat on the waves makes me so happy:

Also on the subject of things that make me happy: Finntroll – Under Bergets Rot


Old Fangs (2009) from Cartoon Saloon has been a very inspirational short. I was having trouble trying to visualize a style that would accommodate simple rigging as we were keen to have a limbed person in our shots at the start. Old Fangs is a great example of where a simple drawing style comes together in a really appealing way with colour, light, texture and shot design. I really love how the stylization has been worked into the environments and this also led us down the trail of thoughts towards adding more old-Ireland/celtic/magic elements to our story. We’re hoping to experiment a lot with shape and textures in our 3D world.

Old Fangs (2009):

Likewise in Song of the Sea, the environments are full of stylized/abstract shapes which would be fun to model! I love that lighthouse and cliff. I think it would also be fun to come up with abstract ways of suggesting objects/shapes rather than being ultra-realistic all the time.

Song of the Sea (2014):

I really like the character design and use of stark white contrast in this one: Le Silence Sous l’Ecorce

Colour and Style Inspiration

Originally we envisioned our animation with a very warm palette, like sepias/red/yellows. The intro to Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) came to mind:

Clare was doing some research for colour palettes and style and came across these:

Tir Nan Og

Beautiful things can happen with strong backlighting and silhouettes.


I love how unexpected this one is and the design of the characters are cool.