La Noria and Iglu Pitch Script

Sorcha found this Indigogo for La Noria (2015) and we liked the layout of their pitch.

  • First they show their best shot,
  • then they talk about who their team is and why you should trust them,
  • then they talk about the story and concept,
  • then the Indigogo rewards,
  • then a sneak peak of La Noria.

Sorcha took the task of writing a script with all the information that we would need for the pitch. I tried to condense this into a shorter version:


We received feedback that we needed to structure the pitch better for the audience and explain why we used so many different styles. With this in mind, Molly and I took what Sorcha had written and re-iterated on this, adding more detail while trying to keep it short. Sorcha and I re-iterated again while recording to make it sound natural when spoken. We also tried to keep the story structure flowing so that each section had a reason to continue to the next.




Creative Enterprise and Career Reflection

This semester, Creative Enterprise helped me in a number of ways in both preparing me to apply for a job and also helping me to start thinking more in depth about my career.


I realised this semester that I haven’t put a lot of time into self-evaluating before. Taking time away from projects to put into researching and making a CV and cover letter has been very enlightening but preparing for interview made me realise most that I find it very hard to sell myself, even more so verbally. I put a lot of time into preparing for my mock interview but still felt like I stumbled a lot so this is an area that I still need to practice more.

Preparing a showreel and portfolio website was a great way to reflect on my work and see the gaps. I tried to make a showreel focusing on lighting, texturing and concept art but I feel that I should demonstrate a wider application of these skills.

Career thoughts:

The guest speakers this semester were a great way of thinking more about my career. I feel that I should not be too hasty in trying to specialise but I also worry that I won’t be that ‘T-shaped’ person that everyone is talking about. I think that placement year will be a good opportunity to explore the different possibilities. I’m not afraid to jump into areas that I have not spent a lot of time in yet such as motion graphics, compositing and dynamics but I also want to develop the current skills that I have and make them a lot stronger. I like the idea of being self-sufficient in being able to create a complete product/experience and also being knowledgeable enough to help others in all areas of production. I want to learn more about film especially and be able to contribute something amazing to a team. Importantly, I want to make myself more employable and be prepared to make a living from my skills once I graduate.

Interview Reflection and Feedback

Glenda Martin suggested that we use the interview simulator on the Employability Portal which was very helpful:

It had a range of timed questions to go through from 8 sections which you could type or speak and then at the end you could download your script with your answers and suggestions on how you should have answered.

Screen Shot 05-18-16 at 11.03 AM


Feedback and Reflection:

I need to be more aware of my body language and posture. I unconsciously had kept my hands clasped underneath the desk. Alec suggested keeping them above the table.

Like always, I need to work on projecting my voice and being less quiet. Alec did say that my passion came across at least.

Although I spent a lot of time preparing I stumbled over the simple question of ‘why do you want to work here’. This was partly because I hadn’t prepared a particular studio to apply to and was treating the interview as a general job application. My nerves also got the better of me. Either way I should have been more prepared. Now I know that I should practice more beforehand so that even my nerves can’t get in the way.

Stargazing Concept in After Effects

Christian suggested adding parallax and a vignette to the 2D stargazing scene to make it stronger for the pitch video. I finished the 2D concept a little more and animated the layers with a camera in After Effects. Unfortunately we didn’t get to complete our 3D version of this as we didn’t plan enough time to add the characters. I tried to use Sorcha’s design of Julie in this  (as it most match the Moebius-like style that we had discussed as a team) and then tried to match William to Julie. The lighting hid the line a little though and the colours changed after I colour corrected to fit within the scene.


Parallax in After Effects

I’m trying to add a slight parallax effect to the stargazing concept for our pitch video. Usually if I wanted to create a parallax effect in After Effects I would animated the scale of different layers to scale with different timings. Jonny suggested looking at this video and it was a great reminder of how to use a camera in 3D space in After Effects. I had not heard of this method since foundation year and had forgotten it existed. By using this way, I can space the layers out in the z-axis and then animate the camera instead of scale. This also adds the ability to use other camera attributes such as depth of field and  aperture.


Iglu Project Portfolio

*pitch video to be re-done



I blocked the hallway and living room geometry and the hallway and kitchen animation.


Reflection: Placement-Lite Project with Iglu Media

Did we deliver what was asked of us?

We delivered pitch material and put together a video. However, we should have made a clearer representation of Julie and William aging over the 10 years and we should have created more concepts showing scenarios of the characters in different emotions. We also didn’t finish the 3D scene which we were working on for the deadline. I feel like we could have easily finished this except that both Sorcha and I caught the flu and couldn’t work for a few days each. We really should always leave extra time in our plans for unforeseen events like this.

Dealing with the change in requirements.

Just before Easter, our requirements as a team changed a little. Instead of making a video which demonstrated gameplay, Jonny discovered that more concepts of the characters and their relationship would be better material for a pitch. We still wanted to make a 3D scene together but this required a new plan as our gameplay footage was now less suitable. Skype meetings worked well over the Easter break but I felt that we could have done better if Molly and Aidan could have met immediately after our meeting with Iglu. Only Sorcha and I could meet soon after our Iglu meeting to discuss the new project direction.

Better time and project management.

Looking back, my best weeks usually involved a team meeting early in the week. For example, I think that my best week was in week 02. Immediately after our meeting with Iglu, we had a white board ideation session in which we discussed and divided up exactly what we needed to do. This helped to lay down a clear path of what exactly was important to tackle straight away and I was confident to jump on a task immediately and give a whole week for completion. I also worked well after meeting with Sorcha on St. Patricks Day during which time we set mini-deadlines for certain tasks. We tried using Asana at one point but it didn’t seem to catch on. I’m determined to start using a tool like Asana instead of facebook.

Team decision making problems.

One of our problems was making a firm decision on style. Sorcha and I sat down to discuss this together when it seemed quite late into the project. This turned out to be the solution that we needed as I felt a lot surer of what we wanted after this meeting. I wish we had of identified the high importance of this earlier in the project and had as many meetings as we needed earlier on until we found a solution. We seemed to orbit around the problem for a long time until it became more obvious. The same problem was present for choosing final designs for the two characters. Another option would be, if the team is having trouble deciding, then the team should appoint one member to research into and make a solution for one particular part of the project.

Presentation of work and communication

I felt like I was too quiet during meetings with Iglu Media and didn’t present my work as well as I should have to Gareth and Jonny. Jonny and Gareth made a point during our first meeting about artists who were too protective of showing their sketchbook work. I think that I can be like this sometimes as I often start a sketch like a scribble almost and then make iterations until it looks presentable. I should have put more time into presenting my work beforehand for meetings and I should have been more prepared about what I needed to communicate regarding how I contributed to the team’s weekly outcomes.