Environment Artist Jobs and Skills

I’m looking into the skills that I need to develop in order to apply as an environment artist. During final year I’ve worked on both 2D concepts and 3D production for environment. However, I feel like I’ve only skimmed the surface of either and have a lot of work ahead of me in order to be industry level.  I’m determined to develop my skills but still feel that I need to experiment in both 2D concept design and 3D modeling, texturing and lighting in order to determine what I route I should specialise more in.

In order to apply for a job I’m considering the specific skills that I need to showcase in my portfolio. I’ve been looking at both games and live action centered jobs as I feel like I could still branch into either. The following are just a few of the job listings/requirements that I’ve looked at to help me find more focus and see what areas I’m lacking in.

Naughty Dog Environment Q&A

  • A good portfolio focuses both on the big pictures and small details.
  • The environment art teams are split between texturing and modeling.
  • Layer narrative into your environments.
  • Only include your strongest pieces.
  • Naughty Dog requires completion of an art test.
  • Demonstrate a ridiculous thirst to improve. Have a good attitude.

Trainee Environment Artist at Sega


  • Visual flare and talent
  • A creative portfolio showing real-time 3d game assets and environments
    Working knowledge of Max, Maya or similar
  • Working knowledge of Zbrush
  • Positive, can-do attitude


  • Proficiency with Quixel or Substance Painter
  • Understanding of the interplay between game mechanics and game environments

Trainee Concept Artist


  • A solid portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of form, colour, and design
  • Knowledge of photoshop or equivalent industry paint package
  • A solid understanding of design form follows function
  • Willingness, and self-motivated to engage and track down information often required to complete the task successfully
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a team

Digital Matte Painters – Framestore

  • Able to create photo-realistic digital matte paintings
  • Understand all aspects of the digi-matte workflow with a strong knowledge of how to combine 2D and 3D elements
  • Experience working with shoot data including photographic and reference data, HDRIs and photogrammetry
  • Assist with and develop the look of a shot/sequence in liaison with the supervision team
  • Work alongside the production team to establish schedules and technical requirements
  • Work in partnership with CG environment artists and Compositors to ensure shots are delivered to the very highest standard
  • Work closely with the VFX Supervisor and Lead Digital Matte Painter to ensure that the plates meet planned concept design requirements
  • Seek out and build own photographic reference material
  • Communicate creative and technical issues effectively
  • Stay on schedule and meet set deadlines while maintaining the highest standards
  • Communicate regularly with Production and Leads regarding schedules and deadlines
  • Share techniques, reference materials and ideas with the team
  • Continue to become familiar with new tools, software, data and other related technology

Film – Freelancers: Concept Art

Essential Skills

  • At least one year of experience doing concept art in film or games
  • Excellent 2D skills and knowledge of traditional art techniques
  • Some experience working with 3D applications
    An excellent understanding of anatomy, character/creature design, colour theory, perspective, lighting and composition
  • Be able to design a variety of original concepts including: interior and exterior environments and accompanying scene objects
  • Be fluent working with digital media (e.g. Photoshop)
  • Be able to quickly render imaginative concepts from verbal and written direction
    Work well in and communicate ideas within a team environment
  • Be a self motivated individual with a strong work ethic

Desirable Skills:

  • Skills working with 3D software such as ZBrush, 3Dcoat, Keyshot, Maya or Modo
  • A passion for films and visual effects

Artstation job pages:





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