Rendering Management

Semester 2 Easter – Week 13 (2018/04/02 – 2018/05/14)


Preparing for rendering

Rendering started with scene 02. Most of the shots in the seven scenes needed to have layout and camera adjustments as animation was carried out with the backgrounds hidden. Kerry took the bulk of scenes for lighting, cel shader set-up, and layout adjustments while I focused on render-setup and compositing. I worked on moving props out of the way of the camera for scene 02 only. Sorcha worked on the camera, lighting and shading setup for scene 06.

Before rendering on zync we needed to plan out what characters would be in each shot and the length of frames. I was responsible for rendering and setup in scenes 01, 02, 04 and 07. Kerry was responsible for rendering scenes 03 and 05 and Sorcha was responsible for scene 06. There are about 106 shots in our 07 scene, not including the intro.

We encountered a lot of errors which we also had to keep track of on the spreadsheet. The animation curves would occasionally change tangents between two flat frames. Renders on zync would also jump across the screen but render okay locally.  We think that this might be due to one or all of the plugins that we have installed.

For frame management we rendered into “SCENE_0X” folders and then manually moved the frame range to “SHOT_0X” folders but in the future it would be worth trying to automate this more as there were many thousands of frames to organise.




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