Portfolio: Semester 02 Major Project

The following is a summary of my contributions in semester 2:

Semester 01 work is summarized in this post: link

Following from semester 01, I textured my model of Reymond and used the sculpting tools in Maya to make facial blendshapes. Andrew then connected controllers and rigged the torso and branches. Examples of the blendshapes used in animation are at the bottom of the post (in compositing examples), animated by Andrew.

I modeled and textures the trees and bushes assets.

I made a start on the layout for scene 03 which then needed to be redone because of a render issue. I also worked on the layout and camera sequencer set-up for scenes 01 and 05. Kerry carried out most of the work for layout as seen in the final film.

I modeled and textured the broken parts of the roof in the house interior and textured the walls and cobwebs.

I animated Púca in scene 03. This is the animation I provided which Matthew might have tweaked afterwards when animating Nami.

I did the render set-up for scenes 01, 02, 04 and 07 and composited scenes 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 07. These are some examples of compositing with frames from Maya versus final look from Nuke. Sorcha then comped magic VFX to these in After Effects or Premiere.


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