Compositing Nami The Last Witch

Semester 2 Easter – Week 13 (2018/04/02 – 2018/05/14)

Technical, Artistry


Nuke organisation and workflow

The following are some ‘before/after’ examples of shots that I composited. I used a zdepth AOV to add atmospheric distance to the shots. This was mostly important as a way to make the characters stand out from the background. The zdepth with the zdefocus node was also useful as a way of softening background areas so that the focal point had the sharpest detail. I used a lot of grade nodes too to lighten, darken and change the hue/value/saturation of the characters and backgrounds. Glow nodes gave the characters softer light bounces. Alec also suggested creating a rim light using the character’s alpha channels which I’ve added to a few of the back-lit shots. Ambient occlusion passes came in the most useful for Reymond and Nami’s hands which sometimes lacked definition because of the cel shader or emissive material.

Color/mood aims:

  • Scenes 01 + 02 – warm sunset
  • Scene 03 – bright, saturated night blue and warm orange of Reymond’s light.
  • Scene 04 – Rainy, grey desaturated
  • Scene 05 – spooky desaturated to violent red
  • Scene 06 – violent red
  • Scene 07 – calmer blue


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