Scene 03 Púca Animation

Semester 02 Week 06 – Easter (2018/03/05 – 2018/04/04)

After Matthew had created the stepped animation for Nami in scene 03 (Reymond’s scene) I jumped onto blocking out and splining Púca’s animation. I didn’t have a lot of animation experience at this point but tried my best to apply what I had learned from Keith Lango’s workflow (blog link).


Before Feedback:

Mike gave me some feedback on scene 03 when I was part way through blocking out Púca. It was a lot to do with cinematography which has been a recurring problem highlighted in our feedback. It would definitely be worth getting more practice and research on this subject!

  • The edit has too much seeing and then saying. We need to hear and then cut to the speaker/sound.
  • Shot 02-03 Nami should go to Púca’s ear before the cut. Make sure that the camera is sufficiently different so that the transition doesn’t flash. Cut from mid of Nami and Púca to close-up of Nami and Púca.
  • Shot 03-04 action of them looking up should cue the cut.
  • sh05 Mike suggests that we go back to Púca throwing Nami off to focus on the message that Púca is thinking “crap a tree spirit”.
  • sh06 large empty space on screen is distracting.
  • sh07 when Púca looks off screen in sh06 we are cuing a subjective camera. Púca can’t be in his own pov in sh07.
  • sh08-09 Puca should start moving to cue the cut.


After feedback:

This was as far as I got with animating Púca.

Matthew did a few edits to Púca after this when he was polishing Nami such as when Nami pulls Púca’s horns at the start. My animation on Púca still feels quite mechanical in places. I think that this is due to my eases and timing which could be less abrupt. Púca’s walk was the most difficult part to animate but Alec gave helpful advice with regards to moving forward with the hip control instead of the global transform.


I mostly used the dog walk cycle in “The Animator’s Survival Kit” as a guide but with Púca’s forarms in more of a gorilla pose. Matthew also advised me to look at lions and apply how they curl in and flip up their paws to Púca’s hands as he walks.

Animbot was useful too, particularly for creating selection buttons and using the tween machine slider for holds and offsetting inbetweens of different body parts.



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