Storyboards and Teamwork

Artistic and Planning

Week 06 2017/10/30 to 2017/11/05

We all had a long weekend of storyboarding for the new script. Andrew finished drafting the new script for Monday of week 06 while everyone else had been working on research, concepts or 3D sculpts. Once we got the script we reviewed it together, made some small changes and started planning the shots together on Monday on a shared spreadsheet. We found that it was a lengthy process with everyone sharing opinions so we gave Sorcha and Matthew the responsibility for planning the shots on the spreadsheet. This got finished by Wednesday and we divided out the resulting 139 shots between the five of us.

Screen Shot 11-06-17 at 12.06 PM

Shot planning

I was given responsibility of shots 85 – 115, where the trio are almost eaten by the possessed house, and spent most of Wednesday evening discussing them with Sorcha. Then on Thursday I thumbnailed out all the shots on one page, really trying to keep camera angles, composition and continuity in mind between boards.

Thinking through theses took longer than expected! I find that my level of drawing skills slowed me down a little too. I thought that after Thursday it would be a simple job of cleaning these thumbnails up but then it took longer again to figure out the poses and facial expressions better and tighten up the perspective. These boards took from Friday to Sunday to complete.

I can’t say that I’m too happy with my finished boards either. I really need to improve my ability to draw the same characters with different expressions and less stiff poses. I know that storyboards don’t necessarily need to be pretty but better drawings of sequences of poses and expressions, well framed by the camera with a pattern of editing in mind, would probably carry through to the 3D version too! So much to practice and improve for animation!

Also, the backstory of the house has changed now so that it needs to be designed more. Before it had existed as a mimic that was always a monster disguising itself as a house. Now it begins as an abandoned house that the spirit in the mask is able to possess and transform into a monster body.  Concepts haven’t been made yet for these so the composition of the room in the boards is very bare. Maybe more interest could be added to the framing if there’s more abandoned paraphernalia lying around.

This time around we used a shared onedrive folder to share all of our boards. Seems crazy that we posted all our last ones to slack for the editor to find. Sorcha is our editor this time around and is now putting the animatic together.


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