Week 04 Animatic, Feedback and Planning

Week 04 reflection on planning and team

It’s still tricky trying to find a balance between team work and individual contribution to the team, especially with story development. We seem to have a tendency to want to do everything together so that we all have an input and have our opinions heard. Over the summer we were writing scripts separately and then tried to sit together and write a script from the best parts. It made the process a lot more lengthy, and while everyone’s opinions were heard for every sentence, it also resulted in some important exposition being left out. For our second story idea, Alec suggested that we start with a less detailed skeleton of the story beats. We were able to do this relatively quickly as a team and then Sorcha was able to take responsibility of fleshing out a full script with character actions and dialogue.

Build a team skeleton —> one team member is given time to think and flesh out the skeleton into a script —-> the team gives feedback —> refinement

This is the script, wrote by Sorcha:


From the script, Sorcha made out a shot list with a list of boards for each shot and the progess. This made dividing the shots between us a lot easier. It also seemed better to divide the boards this time around as shots rather than backgrounds and characters.

Screen Shot 10-17-17 at 10.29 PM


We didn’t get to include the voice over dialogue for the intro section of the animatic, which maybe makes the opening a little redundant. The purpose of the opening with dialogue is to give a comedic retelling of the backstory but also to give a flavour of how it’s a nerdy fantasy show.




  • The characters need a lot of developing. Both Púca and Nami seem silly, Púca is not likable as a mentor and both of their actions are too unmotivated.
  • The characters need to create a harmony.
  • Give more purpose to their journeying. Why are these characters together?
  • Know the backstory of everything and create the illusion of a huge world. Look into post modernism. Research how the audience augments the story with their own story.
  • Give the audience enough knowledge about the rules of the world that they can make guesses but always be one step ahead of the audience.
  • Is a spirit possessing an object the common type of monster in this world? If not, then we need to establish the context for this to be a mimic with a lure that would be uncommon in this world. Otherwise Nami is silly to rush into danger.
  • Does Tato function as the translator of the knowledge which Púca is trying to pass down?
  • Know what you’re trying to say. Research symbolism.
  • Research cinematography more and apply it better!
  • Archetypes should emerge in the dialogue.
  • Reiterate the lines of dialogue continuously and be careful not to get attached to performances that aren’t working.
  • Go beyond just applying mechanical story structure/the hero’s journey. Make us care!

These are the boards that I contributed. Kerry edited all the boards and sound together along with drawing boards too.

Definitely need to research more cinematography and think more about what each frame is saying.

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