Schoolism Week 06 Light and Atmosphere

Week 06 in Designing With Color and Light on Schoolism talked about the use of light and atmosphere when designing frames within a sequence. My biggest take away from this week so far is the power of being able to quickly thumbnail the colors of a scene to see what works best. The homework for this week is not just about choosing a warm and cool palette. This week is about trying to push further to use light and atmosphere to bring out the emotional beat of the story e.g. discovering or travelling through a mysterious city or town.

My notes:

Fowkes talks about the work done on The Prince of Egypt, talking about how great palettes were achieved without the use of tricks from digital media. Don’t rely on these digital tricks to accidentally get the palette that is ‘good enough’.

Fowkes used spare time to practice acrylic sketches.

Below is an image from Shrek with a matte painting that has feedback notes.

The painting is adjusted so that the environment serves the story without being distracting.

Look at the atmosphere in Puss in Boots.

Sketch out your thought process. Below is an example from Puss in Boots where Fowkes was trying to explore Puss’s journey through landscapes with moody and mystical feels.

Sometimes it’s a case of not knowing until you see it so you need to be able to sketch out the different options.

Fowkes storyboarded the sequence of light in the beanstalk scene:

How do your characters see the environment? Is it mysterious, threatening, awe inspiring? For a journey, sketch thumbnails of color and then stitch them together to see if they play well together.

Don’t show the audience everything. Use lost and found areas.

Dominique Louis’ work:

Use the weather.

A simple statement is a powerful statement.


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