Schoolism: Nathan Fowkes Color and Light Week 01 – 02

Week 01 Notes

Use a noise reduction filter to find the underlying simplified forms. What is the minimum amount of information that you can put into your study and still make it feel like the original?

Do a minimum of one study daily besides the work that you have to do. Keep them under an hour and try to get the essence of the image.

Homework: Do a minimum of 2 a day over the next 6 days.

Feedback 02

If you get your values right then your colours will follow. Study Jamie Jones. The edges and big shapes are important for the readability of the image. Jamie Jones’ painting has subtle value shifts but the readability of the edges is still very clear. Bear in mind that hard edges create an area of contrast. Use a surface blur filter to see the big colour and light compositions simplified. Also use the noise reduction filter. How far can you simplify and still hold on to the purpose of the image? You need to consciously consider what the underlying purpose of the image is. Work on your fundamental skills so that they are usable across all media, not just Photoshop tricks. Learn through the restrictions of traditional media so that your painting is more organised and designed. This will then follow through to digital media also.

Week 02 09/Jan/2017

Take grey scale renders and create believable, theatrical lighting with them. Where are your light sources coming from? How does scale affect the spread of the light? Think of warms and cools in your lights.

Push the theatrics of the image with atmospheric perspective and perspective.

Think of the relationship between your colors. Two complimentary colors, desaturated, will look vivid next to each other. A warm brown next to neutralised purple i.e. neutralised complimentary colors by mixing them with each other. You want a balance of sameness/repetition and difference/variety.  Unity and variety is the same as saturation and desaturation of colors in a relationship. See the paintings of James Reynolds.

Fowkes found a benefit in creating quick roughs of every image in Reynolds’ book.

You need to brush up your skills so that when the time comes you will be able to take on the tasks given to you and show that your skills can be trusted for more important jobs.


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