Video Copilot Blast Wave Tutorial

Blast wave tutorial (after effects)

I had a look at this tutorial a few weeks back and it was a great introduction into how various assets can be integrated seamlessly into footage. Some points that I took from this tutorial are:

  • Apply your tracking data to nulls instead of precomps as movement in the footage will reveal the cut-off edges of a precomp. Parent your assets under a null. Then parent this null under another null with the tracked movement from Mocha’s ‘AE transform data’.
  • Study how different explosions work in real life. What are the order of events? Blast gets kicked up, reacts to oxygen and blast waves move out.
  • Mocha is good for this type of heavily blurred motion tracking.
  • Use time stretching to retime assets as needed.
  • Use colour adjust, tints and levels adjust to match assets to the footage.
  • Blend the assets using feather masks and watch out for sharp unnatural edges.
  • We can turn on motion blur as we’re using nulls to hold our data.
  • For a spherical explosion, animate a cc sphere effect.

This is my own attempt of going through the tutorial and trying to get the same result:

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