My attempt at Mark Christiansen’s Rotoscoping Tutorial.

After watching the tutorial and taking notes, I’m now starting at the beginning and testing how much I understood through trying myself. This way I’m not falling into the trap of copying what buttons are pressed without understanding why. I’ve heard that recalling memories is the best way to learn.

Some points I came across while trying the rotoscoping process myself:

  • Time remapping is not possible with Warp Stabilize VFX. You need to stabilize in a separate composition and then time remap the composition.
  • Brush tools are helpful at the end when you need to clean up/restore masked areas e.g. use the clone stamp tool to restore areas from your clean plate onto your final comp.
  • Think ahead: Use large simple masks as much as possible, then when you can’t do that anymore, start using articulated masks for moving parts. Then after this, use the brush tools; paint, clone and roto.

Video showing initial shot and then my removal of background extras: (footage from Mark Christiansen tutorial)


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