Interview Reflection and Feedback

Glenda Martin suggested that we use the interview simulator on the Employability Portal which was very helpful:

It had a range of timed questions to go through from 8 sections which you could type or speak and then at the end you could download your script with your answers and suggestions on how you should have answered.

Screen Shot 05-18-16 at 11.03 AM


Feedback and Reflection:

I need to be more aware of my body language and posture. I unconsciously had kept my hands clasped underneath the desk. Alec suggested keeping them above the table.

Like always, I need to work on projecting my voice and being less quiet. Alec did say that my passion came across at least.

Although I spent a lot of time preparing I stumbled over the simple question of ‘why do you want to work here’. This was partly because I hadn’t prepared a particular studio to apply to and was treating the interview as a general job application. My nerves also got the better of me. Either way I should have been more prepared. Now I know that I should practice more beforehand so that even my nerves can’t get in the way.

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