Creative Enterprise and Career Reflection

This semester, Creative Enterprise helped me in a number of ways in both preparing me to apply for a job and also helping me to start thinking more in depth about my career.


I realised this semester that I haven’t put a lot of time into self-evaluating before. Taking time away from projects to put into researching and making a CV and cover letter has been very enlightening but preparing for interview made me realise most that I find it very hard to sell myself, even more so verbally. I put a lot of time into preparing for my mock interview but still felt like I stumbled a lot so this is an area that I still need to practice more.

Preparing a showreel and portfolio website was a great way to reflect on my work and see the gaps. I tried to make a showreel focusing on lighting, texturing and concept art but I feel that I should demonstrate a wider application of these skills.

Career thoughts:

The guest speakers this semester were a great way of thinking more about my career. I feel that I should not be too hasty in trying to specialise but I also worry that I won’t be that ‘T-shaped’ person that everyone is talking about. I think that placement year will be a good opportunity to explore the different possibilities. I’m not afraid to jump into areas that I have not spent a lot of time in yet such as motion graphics, compositing and dynamics but I also want to develop the current skills that I have and make them a lot stronger. I like the idea of being self-sufficient in being able to create a complete product/experience and also being knowledgeable enough to help others in all areas of production. I want to learn more about film especially and be able to contribute something amazing to a team. Importantly, I want to make myself more employable and be prepared to make a living from my skills once I graduate.

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