CV Research and Feedback

When writing my CV I found that the CV builder on the Ulster University Employability Journal website was the most helpful.

It has lots of example of good phrasing and use of power words and also talked about emphasising skills gained from experiences.

This feedback from Greg on our combined CV in class was also helpful:

  • Grades e.g. from Leaving Certificate are a lot less important at this stage.
  • Highlight skills like unusual languages that you know.
  • Have your work experience at the top. Relevancy trumps chronology.
  • Starting with the sentence “Diligent student…” in your profile is questionable. Find a better way.
  • When you’re talking about your hobbies, don’t sound so passive. Demonstrate what you actively get out of your interests and how you actively do them.
  • Even within the ‘interests’ section you should be paying attention to the order based on relevancy or what stands out the most.
  • Be careful of making sections too wordy.

This is some research which was useful too but I forgot where I wrote it down from:

  • Tailor your CV to who you’re applying for. If they ask for team skills be sure to demonstrate this.
  • What is my unique selling point?
  • Look at everything that you have done and be able to talk confidently about the transferable skills that you can take from that.
  • For your profile, describe: who/what you are, your experience, your skills and relevant evidence and what you are looking for. Use short positive sentences.
  • Work experience: As well as your job, show activities outside of this which demonstrate your initiative.
  • Explain the way (adverb), the what (verb) and the benefit.
  • Other skills: How do you contribute outside of the workplace/academic environment? Organiser, networker, team player?
  • Do your interests correlate with the job that you’re seeking?
  • Use anecdotes to show personality.

Alec suggested that I add a simple graphic to my CV to make it more memorable visually. I loved Rachel Dixon’s example of this with her bears.

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