Showreel Development and Applying to MPC

I saw that Alec had posted the MPC First Step internship application link on Facebook during the Easter break. Feeling utterly unprepared I thought why not try anyway! With only a day left to send in an application I tried to put together a showreel and cover letter aimed at the lighting department.

By applying here under such short notice and to a particular area I actually felt that it forced me to put together my showreel with better presentation and more focus.

This was my initial planning for a generalist showreel. I used powerpoint for planning as I didn’t have any editing software at the time.

This was what I put together for a lighting showreel:

Natasha Crowley Lighting Showreel 2016 from Natasha Crowley on Vimeo.

I feel like I may have ended up including some irrelevant material like UVs as I didn’t have a lot of material to make a completely lighting focused showreel. For the application, I was required to include a showreel breakdown that described what I learned for each piece but I should probably have included the software used information within the video also.

Natasha Crowley Lighting Showreel Breakdown

I created my first cover letter for this application also. In my defense I was very tired after working on my showreel all day and with the deadline at midnight I only had about 30 minutes left to write it. I think that I should have been a lot more specific as to why I wanted the internship at MPC in particular. I also should have discussed specific skills more and why I would suit the role.


Second Showreel Version

Mark pointed out that by using Times New Roman it looked too much like I didn’t care much for font and just left it at default. I had thought that it just looked simple and legible but I now see what Mark means. I looked through the Adobe typekit for a handwritten styled font and found “Felt Tip Roman” which I liked.

I looked for music to add also as I didn’t have time to for the first draft. I mostly looked through this site for copyright free music: For this second version I also included some extra concept art and development work.

Natasha Crowley Concept, Lighting & Texturing Showreel 2016 from Natasha Crowley on Vimeo.

I plan to make a third, ‘CG Generalist’ version too that includes my modeling, animation and possibly nCloth simulation also.

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