Presenting 3D Models

For the modeling section of my website, the biggest challenge was learning how to render a wireframe (which turned out to be extremely easy). This post from digital tutors was helpful. The second method using Toon Render worked best for me.

I modeled this house back before I realised that it’s okay to model separate pieces of geometry instead of trying to create one mesh for each form. For this reason it’s probably not the best example to have of optimised polycount.

I also rendered my head model this way. I have yet to include my models and animation in a showreel as I’ve only focused on lighting, texturing and concept art so far.

For my website I tried using Sketchfab to present some of my other models. A premium membership is required to upload large file sizes which restricted me a little. I tried exporting my models as different file types but found that .obj seemed to be the smallest. I made sure that my model was as optimised as possible but found that splitting my model in two was the best option in the end. For more interesting models I might consider getting a premium membership on Sketchfab as I like the interactive presentation. This might also be a good option for animation if it supports animated rigs well.

I’m still debating whether or not my website’s theme is the best way to present my work.

My 3D modeling portfolio page: link

I’m not sure if the long vertical scroll with wide margins looks too blog-like. I tried to make it easy to navigate at least but maybe a larger screen gallery/slideshow would present the work better? For now this is the best wordpress theme that I can find.

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