Guest Speaker: Niall Carlin


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Niall Carlin’s LinkedIn:

Niall Carlin showreel 2015 from Double Jump Studios on Vimeo.

Looking back, Niall Carlin’s showreel in particular interests me. From recently talking to Iglu Media about possible placement opportunities, there seems to be a demand for work created using After Effects, motion graphics and compositing. Until recently I had been searching through studios whose work required skills that I feel I had more practice in such as concept art, lighting, texturing and modeling. However, I’m now also considering how graphic design, motion graphics and compositing could also open up a lot of possibilities, both in where I could seek employment and also where I could take my own personal projects. I also feel that I haven’t been putting enough time into my animation skills so placement year/now seems as good a time as any to improve these skills.

I sometimes worry that as a generalist I could spread myself too thin and not be able to master one particular thing. It’s always a shot to my confidence when I start a particular task in a project and the results are uninspiring or so full of error that it distracts from the message or experience. It seems reasonable that I should spend as much time managing my focus this year as anything else, push to be as efficient with my time as possible and structure myself to a clear learning plan. Sounds great when I write it down.

Notes from Carlin’s talk with us:

  • Develop fundamental skills e.g. design theory and typography.
  • Develop creative thinking.
  • You need a hero to compare yourself to.
  • Get more criticism e.g. get comments on your blog, join communities.
  • Make cut-off points to meet deadlines.
  • Ask why, not how.


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