Guest Speaker: Laura Livingston


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I could learn a lot from Laura’s persistence and ability to make clear goals. Laura described how, early in her career, she applied for a job which she couldn’t do. Instead of giving up when she was turned away, she went away, studied VFX and learned the fundamentals of compositing and then returned to get the job. Was her personality and passion what got her the job then above her abilities at the time? Laura had a clear goal that she wanted to be a VFX producer, and she stuck to this goal until she could make it reality. If I remember right, Laura moved to America after she finished her course in DIT and earned a living working at a bar until she had the skills she needed to apply for the job which she wanted.

Notes from Laura’s talk with us:

  • How important is location when you are starting up? Laura talked about the advantage of being located in Vancouver/Canada, Asia (not specified) for feature film work.
  • Smaller companies have shorter deadlines.
  • When managing a team, it’s important to share your knowledge of the schedule and be able to predict over-time so that it doesn’t come as an unwanted surprise to the team.
  • Persist politely to get a placement. Laura talked about an example where a lady emailed multiple times before applying for a job in order to ensure the company’s continual awareness of her interest in the role.
  • Research is extremely important. Get to know someone on LinkedIn, etc. Plan on meeting people at festivals and message them on LinkedIn beforehand if you intend to say hi. Keep in contact with people.

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