Guest Speaker: Gavin Moran


Gavin Moran’s LinkedIn:

Character animation showreel:

Gavin’s work on Kite was very inspirational. How are we supposed to choose one area to specialise in?!

Short interview about Kite:

:90 Interview: Gavin Moran from DC Shorts on Vimeo.

Unreal Engine (2015) A Boy and His Kite: Annotated Features

Restrictions in graphics because of computer capabilities is something that I’d love to see overcome. It’s really exciting seeing what Moran has done with Unreal Engine 4 to make quality film from procedurally generated environments/shading/light/rigs running in real time. Before I started this course I remember my main focus was on characters. Now I seem to spend most of my time designing environments. Composing character and environments together is something that I need/would like to improve upon.

Notes from Moran’s talk with us:

  • Look up projects which Moran has worked on: Hubert’s Brain?, Samaratan, Elemental, Kite
  • Epic – the game engine takes precedence?
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Kite – did this take 3 months to make?
  • People get tired of great/beautiful quite quick. You need something more than beauty to keep the audience engaged.
  • Kite involved using 100m2 of procedural generation to make a film.
  • Always have a clear idea of what you’re going to animate and then gather reference for depending on how real/cartoony you want. Analyse the shot in your head and then act out in order to feel the frame of mind of the character.
  • An interview is to prove that you’re not a sociopath. If you’ve been asked for an interview, it means that your CV ticks the boxes for skills but now your personality needs to be tested.
  • Check out “Thief in the Shadows” VR.
  • It’s better to over-communicate.
  • Keep your showreel entertaining and a max of 2mins.

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