Style Inspiration

Week 09 (April 4th 2016)

In order to create a unique style for 10 Songs we looked at a lot of different animated shorts and illustrations over the past nine weeks. Le Gouffre (2014) in particular had stood out to us for it’s painted textures but we still felt that we could push the style further. We seemed to be reverting closer and closer to realism and safety (in a struggle to understand what Iglu wanted from us maybe?) so we sat down again and looked through the different art styles that stood out to us. Jonny gave us the go ahead to try whatever we wanted, just make something beautiful he said!:)

Looking at the art we liked, I tried to break down the creation process of the artist: graphic flat colours as shapes, blended strokes, line, no line and level of abstraction.

The biggest element of Campion’s work that we could learn from is the ability to simplify. Campion uses quite a high level of abstraction to symbolise form but you can understand the story in his work straight away from composition of light and values. Sorcha also learned from his blog that he has done a lot of work for engagement advertisements which is very relevant to our own story/subject matter.

Pascal Campion Images from

Jeremy Mann Images from

Jeremy Mann is a painter who Kerry showed me last year. I really love the idea of walking through one of these paintings! Similar to Pascal Campion, I like how impressionistic Mann’s style is.

Jean Giraud/Moebius images from:

On the other side of this, we like the importance of line in Moebius’ work. In some areas the line seems to give texture to the surface of the form. We discussed the possibility of how well these styles could mix e.g. if the characters had line and the backgrounds did not or vice-versa. We especially considered the possibility of keeping the characters flat and graphic with lne and the backgrounds loose and impressionistic so that the characters would stand out.


Josan’s The Future is Now (2016) Kickstarter at:

Josan’s work is another example of the line detail which we like in Moebius’ work. Josan also has some simple parallax of planes and movement of objects which help to bring his concepts to life.


The Approximate Present (2014) by Filippo  Baraccani

When we were discussing Mann’s work, Sorcha remembered The Approximate Present (2014), an animated short by Filippo Baraccani which Kerry also happened to show us last year. We were disucssing how we could bring Mann’s and Campion’s abstract and impressionistic forms into 3D animated space. The Approximate Present (2014) has an example of this which we liked where the cars are represented as rectangles coming towards the camera on a road. We figured that even in 3D space we can arrange simple shapes/planes of colour in ways to represent forms such as city lights. We could experiment with the texture and arrangement of these shapes the way that Jeremy Mann does also.


As a team, I wonder how we could have experimented more with these styles a lot sooner into the project. We spent a lot of time researching but being able to jump on one particular style and make a unified team vision was very challenging. I think that personally I sometimes spend too much time thinking and not enough time expressing. I need to be more proactive in helping the team visualise. I spent a lot of time blocking out layouts in Maya for painting over and for animatics and didn’t put enough time into developing the style for these. In saying that, I think that I could at least approach this method a little faster now that I’ve tried it before.