Office Stress Part 02: Try Again

Week 10

I wasn’t happy with how my previous take on the ‘stressed scenario’ was working out so I started again with a composition in mind which would tell a story with both Julie and William as the focal point. Before, I think I had struggled too much to include the window for pathos and didn’t choose the most interesting camera angle. I think that it’s good to vary the camera position so that we can frame the scene from new perspectives e.g. maybe we’re the cat looking down from a shelf or maybe we’re a passerby looking through the window from outside. Clarity of story always takes priority of course. Feng Zhu has a helpful lecture on planning camera angle for purpose which I blogged about in FZD Camera Placement.

This time around, I blocked the scene out in Maya so that I could play more with the camera angle and focal length with a clearer result. Sometimes I get distracted by perspective problems in my planning sketches.

I had an idea of what I wanted from looking at Pascal Campion’s piece Doubt, blogged about in Stargazing: Possible Palettes, so I was quickly able to choose a camera angle and lay down where I wanted the light. I liked the idea of Julie bringing warm light from the doorway into the stressful environment of William’s cold office as he works late into the night. I haven’t finished yet but I plan to paint Julie so that she’s being helpful in some way like bringing a coffee or a blanket and I need to clearly convey how stressed William is. I’ve given myself a challenging perspective to draw figures in. I also need to ensure that I don’t make William’s office too neat like I did in the last one.



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