Stargazing: Possible Palettes

Week 09

For the stargazing concept, once I had laid down a simple composition of values I needed to think about colour. Usually I would use these values as a base and maybe use colour adjustment and colour or overlay layers to start laying down colour onto the canvas. This time I just used the values as a guide and painted in a normal layer. I found that this method gave me more control over the paint hue and saturation.

Colour is still something which I struggle with and need lots of practice. I gathered a few images with darkening skies but vibrant colours for inspiration and generated palettes from these using Adobe Kuler.

Images sources are on my Pinterest board here: Iglu: Stargazing Outdoors 

I was also looking for inspiration for palettes to redo the ‘office stress’ concept that I was working on and came across Doubts by Pascal Campion. I like the simplicity of the split areas: warm hard light surrounded by blue shadows with low contrast values. High contrast is reserved for the focal point.


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