Environment Concept: Student Flat

Easter Week 01

Jonny had expressed in a meeting that he wanted to see the happier side of their relationship in our concepts also so I tried to keep this in mind even for a concept of a room. I took positive feedback that Gareth had given on Sorcha’s student kitchen/living room concept and developed from the ideas that Sorcha had created e.g. the exposed red brick, the fairy-lights and the skyline open and visible through the window. I had also thought of including patterned wall hangings so Sorcha researched some patterns that I could use as inspiration.

I had put time into drawing vanishing points but still made perspective mistakes in areas like the TV. I had considered blocking it out in 3D as a base for drawing over (as Alec suggested) but at the same time I wanted to have the challenge so as to improve my drawing skills with no base. For this piece, I put time into planning the local values as part of my process which is something that I’ve often not put enough focus on. I had almost left this painting at the stage where it still had the black line art. I’m really glad that I didn’t now as it had a very murky and unwelcoming effect on the piece.

Rew Day (2012), which I talked about in an earlier post (link), was a great source of inspiration for the initial colour palette and also for the foreground framing elements. Throughout painting this piece I tried to keep a traditional media feel in the textures like in Rew Day (2012) and Le Gouffre (2014) (blogged about here: link). I ended up painting most of the colours on a hard light blending mode in order to retain the paper texture. Haha I’m not even sure if I could replicate this process as it’s not something that’s easy to control.


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