Stargazing: Balcony Design Research

Easter Week 01

For our stargazing idea we had initially thought that the setting could be their balcony so I had started to gather inspiration for this.

Image sources on my Pinterest board iglu: environments and colour  and from the books, The Edible Balcony (2011) by Alex Mitchell and The Art of Big Hero 6 (2014).

I got excited about the idea of making Pascal Campion-esque/abstract plants in 3D as well as creating interesting practicals in-shot with round paper(?) lanterns as well as out of frame lighting e.g. hard edged light cutting from the doorway. I worry that some of the designs that I contribute would slide too much towards an idealised romantic world. Gareth and Jonny did initially pitch the brief as something like the You’re the Worst (2014) tv series which deals with the realistic and cynical side of life also (in a comedic way).


Looking back, I feel like I could  have presented these ideas better to the team if I had of kept up-to-date with my blog and presented to them through posts like this (particulary during Easter when we were apart). I think in general that I need to improve my ability to sketch and present ideas quickly.

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