Male Figure Drawing Practice and William Concepts

Easter week 01 (21st March)

These are some studies I did using references that I talked about in a previous post (link).

When drawing in my sketchbook I initially made the mistake of using the head’s initial construction circle as a unit of measurment rather than from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin (silly mistake). This resulted in my sketches being a few heads shorter than I realised which became very apparent to me when I resized them in photoshop to match head sizes:

I tried sketching different body types also. Sorcha pointed out that I had drawn the pectoral muscles too high so I was able to keep an eye on this when I started on the digital sketches (the second one below):

I then used these as a basis for drawing outfits, facial features and hair styles for William. I definitely feel that I need to develop my gesture drawing skills also as I might have been able to get more of William’s character across by drawing him in more interesting poses. I admit that I found making concepts for William was especially challenging as I usually draw characters from punk, fantasy, sci-fi or Halloween settings.

I asked my sister for some advice as she owns a clothes shop and she advised me that typical clothes for guys in their twenties would be brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Superdry, Hollister, and GStar Jeans. I made a small Pinterest board of these for inspiration (link). There’s still something lacking in these concepts and I wonder how useful they really are without seeing William in a characteristic pose with a simple environment. I see these kind of line ups done a lot in concept art but with these few that I’ve done so far I haven’t been able to jump up and say ‘that’s William!’.

I also sketched some new facial and hair options. Some of the feedback on my early head sketches (in my sketchbook) was that he looked too scruffy and thin so I tried to avoid this. I also tried to give him a warmer neutral expression/kinder eyes. Sorcha commented that she also liked he idea of William going through different hair styles. For some reason a lot of the programmers that I’ve met have had long hair tied back so this style has stuck with me. Maybe William could have long hair when he’s younger and then cut it short when he’s older? Or would that be too similar to Julie? Maybe his hair just gets thinner or the hairline changes/recedes.

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