New Focus: Emotional Scenarios

Week 08

After re-thinking the script for the gameplay-trailer-animatic that we had been working on, Jonny realised that demonstrating other aspects of the game and it’s team of creators would be more important for creating the pitch video. After our meeting on week 08 Jonny and Gareth shared a document of feedback with us on our concepts so far and detailed a list of the most important requirements:

  • Concepts for scenes focusing on each of the emotions: Happy together, her being angry with him, both looking bored, affection, stressed/worried, positively shocked or surprised, negatively shocked/surprised, guilt/shame. Each scene should also consider the place and mood and the agreed upon final characters.
  • Character development: What will William and Julie look like over the 10 years, both a facial close-up and a long shot of their body/clothes. These concepts should be usable in a timelapse video showing the changes/development of the characters.
  • Environments: Living room, kitchen and bedroom of their student house and William’s house in 2017.

Sorcha and I came together on St. Patricks day and discussed the different stories that we could use to depict each scenario. We also discussed the different methods that we could use to realise each concept. Seeing as my sketchbook notes from that meeting were so messy, I made out a google slides presentation afterwards organising our ideas to share with the team: link

During our meeting on St. Patricks Day we tried to set deadlines for completing certain tasks so as to speed ourselves along. Sorcha and I agreed to try to complete a character each and finalise the layouts of the two houses/apartment during Easter-week 01. This didn’t go completely to plan but I felt that the team deadline was very helpful in keeping me focused on progress. Aidan and Molly were not able to make the meeting that day but we eventually organised a skype team meeting later during Easter in which we were able to discuss the scenarios more and divide the tasks up.


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