Sound Design for Animatic 01

Week 05

For the sounds, I made a list of everything I thought we would need, bookmarked the best clips I could find on into a folder and then downloaded them all for Sorcha to pay around with when she was editing all our animatics together. Sorcha and Andrew Coyle also made recordings for some of dialogue that we would need.

Foley/Sound list

  • Buzz of automatic lights coming on in hallway
  • Ringtone – retro games,
  • Footsteps on wood or carpet
  • Key jingles and turning
  • Door opening
  • Click of phone going off
  • Television sound – what would Julie be listening to? A presenter at concert awards, an anime battle with superheroes, cooking show with cat host, ice cream advert, news flash, ‘lonely nights in’ tv show, something Julie can respond to, a quiz show with funny questions, a quiz with questions reminiscent of the year they met,
  • Crackling of fireplace or low roar of fire in hearth
  • Premonition: ? Swish, roar, scrape of rough material, clacking, yawning winds, whirlpool, suction, sighing (QOTD flashback noise),muffled voices, fuzz, indistinguishable words, rewinding tape, clocks
  • Traffic outside
  • Rain hissing against the window, storm
  • Muffled steps on carpet
  • Cat purring
  • Sofa fabric and subtle creeks moving
  • Clicks of steps on kitchen tiles
  • Opening fridge door
  • Clink of bottles moved in fridge, clunks of moving trays/tubs in fridge

This is my folder of clips so far:

Both Aidan and Molly weren’t too fond of the idea of lots of voices during the premonition and thought it too horror. There’s still a lot to develop for sound alone.

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