Le Gouffre: Painterly Camera Projection

Week 05

Sorcha found this short film from Lightning Boy Studio, Le Gouffre (2014). Molly, Aidan, Sorcha and I have been discussing for a while how we would like to create a painterly look, especially since our visit to the Ulster Museum and seeing Rembrandt’s self-portrait. We agreed that Le Gouffre is a good example of the direction that we would want the painterly look to take.

Le Gouffre from Lightning Boy Studio on Vimeo.

I found this blog post, Week 55 – Camera Projection Technique,  which goes into detail about how Lightning Boy Studio create the textures for Le Gouffre. They create a scene with low detailed textures, create a new camera which covers all of the the views from the shot camera and then use this for creating a render which is painted over in Photoshop. This painting is then projected on top of the scene.

They use this technique so that their computers aren’t overloaded with large texture sets. This method also gives them control over the amount of detail in fore, mid and back-ground.

I’m not sure if we should try and use this technique for the pitch video or try and create a similar solution which will work in real time.

3 thoughts on “Le Gouffre: Painterly Camera Projection

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