Scene Blocking: Apartment 3D Paint-overs 01

Week 03

These are my 3D paint-overs/concepts so far. I mostly focused on mood, light and colour for these but not yet texture.

For the sitting-room/kitchen shot I was trying to develop what we had discussed as a team about the visual reflection of Julie and William’s relationship on the environment. Sorcha had suggested using details such as a one-seater versus separate chairs to show distance/separation. For the two shots below I looked at the idea of a cold modern look versus a warmer, lived-in feeling. Julie’s departure from William’s life could literally drain the colour from his world. On the other hand, a more modern look could show William’s maturity versus a messy student flat.

For the attic area shot I was trying out an open-plan layout between the bed, work and stair areas separated by a screen (Japanese-like except with more local folklore illustrations?). The idea was also sparked between us that Julie and William could share each others worlds through the colour of their surroundings and the colour of their hair. Julie’s blue hair could be complimented by warm lighting and William could have red hair which is complimented by the blue light of technology. This could also signify them been separated/in their own worlds.

For the exterior shot, I was thinking how in Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989), that Kiki lives above a bakery. I like how this gives her room a sense of location and character and also makes her life/environment less isolated from the rest of the city; it’s not just in a void. This got me thinking of above Starbucks on Arthur Street near Victoria Square for some reason. Sorcha suggested that it could be above a record store instead which I think is far more interesting and could play more into the story/music scene aspects. Sorcha also showed us some references of how much character a record store can have. For the design, I tried out some architecture elements from the old building across from Starbucks and imagined it above a record store. I was trying for a twilight lighting set-up where it’s just dark enough that the glow of the electric lights are visible but I realise now that the sun is probably too high in the sky for that. This image in particular caught my imagination from Metropolis (2001): .

I like the feeling of close streets and busy lives.

My sets are feeling quite sparse so far so it would be great if we could get more of the setting-character nailed and think of more interaction orientated designs.

This is my project folder for the scene blocking/layout that I did in Maya if any of you want to play around.

(The human models used for scale are from the Joe Daniels Body Mechanics Rigs pack:

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