Eytan Zana Graphic Compositions

Week 02

I wanted to try a different approach to building compositions and liked the look of Eytan Zana’s simple and graphic shapes in his tutorial on gumroad Graphic Compositions for Environments.

I would like to master conveying a narrative driven design through building from simple graphic shapes

Eytan Zana Graphic Compositions

  • Use clipping masks to add light to a shape.
  • Start with big shapes.
  • Paint in the dark value only so that it can be used as a clipping mask (i.e. one value per layer).
  • Think about what shape the light will make on your forms. Start clean and get messy later. Restrict your values but use more if that’s what you need to sell it.
  • You can turn autoselect on with the select tool!
  • Smudge elements like water and clouds.
  • Try using s-curves to lead the eye.
  • Think of light falling/cutting across your composition.


2 thoughts on “Eytan Zana Graphic Compositions

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