Showreel Tips from Double Negative and Framestore

Behind the Pixels – Episode 1 – Showreels:

Plan something that is achievable with your resources.

Demonstrate that your ideas are making it onto the screen and that the software is not making the decisions for you.

Investigate the real world, analyse it and extract what you need.

Demonstrate that you have experimented and have a range of skills as a student. Work with the resources that you have and don’t worry about matching the level of a large company as an individual.

Keep it simple but also think about it’s visual impact.

Document your process and show off the skills that you used for a particular shot – did you film something for compositing and try interesting camera angles? Explain your software choice.

Behind the Pixels – Episode 1 – Showreels Part 2:

Show your original and lateral thinking. Show your ability to solve problems.

Show something which is simple, accurate and demonstrates your understanding of fundamentals over something which is complicated and made up of inaccurate parts.

What personal project have you worked on and what initiative have you taken upon yourself? Show your thought process: what did you choose to do, what did you choose not to do, and why?

Show a wider interest and involvement with the industry. Show an awareness of studios, what they are producing and film festivals.

Make a decision and stick with it. Show conviction.

An idea that you put your personal passion into will shine over something done just to wow people.

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