Showreel Research: Examples

I like how Javoraj doesn’t just present static shots of his concept art. He uses time lapses of workflows and cameras moving in 2D and 3D space to keep his showreel interesting.

Javoraj – Concept Art Showreel

I like how Leticia Kao shows the reference concept art, a close-up/full model shot with the software used laid out on the side and then the texture maps:

Leticia Kao – Texturing/Shading Demo Reel 2013 v1 from Letícia Kao on Vimeo:

I like that Zhang keeps the camera moving in this and that the characters seem frozen in mid-action. This way, some story is included in the scene instead of just static poses. Turning the room around the object seems to be a common technique also in order to show off the moving reflections and light on the materials. He also has a nice breakdown of work progression.

Mike Zhang – Demo Reel 2014 from Mike Zhang on Vimeo:


In this one, Krajden presents his passes, compositing, models and meshes in a clear way:

Leonardo Krajden Student Reel from Gnomon on Vimeo.


I like the level of breakdown in this one:

Emily Belanger – Modeling & Texturing Demo Reel

This is beautiful work but it’s hard to determine what exactly Fido contributed to in the shot…?

CGI VFX Showreels HD: “2015 Reel” – by Fido


I like how this uses simple wipes to show Edlund’s input into the scene:

Matte Painting Showreel 2014 from Carl Edlund on Vimeo.

This showreel doesn’t break down the work progress but the fly-throughs of scenes present the landscape work well:

Dave Nolan, Environment Art Showreel from Dave Nolan on Vimeo.

Suddaby has some beautiful fly-throughs of landscapes and presents a simple list at the bottom to show his input.

Environment Artist Showreel 2015 from Chris Suddaby 3D Generalist on Vimeo.


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