Beak Tower Progress

These are the rough colour palettes that I blocked in to get an idea of the mood direction. I looked at other paintings for reference and also tried playing with the colour balance in Photoshop. This was made easier by blocking in some value masks which I could make channel selections from. I had Jeremy Vickery’s tutorial in mind (posted about here: link) but I didn’t refine each palette as much as he did.

I wanted to create a setting/mood that took place after the magical fallout in the story where the Beaks have become somewhat corrupted and crazy from the magic. I choose the greener palette to develop as I felt it suited this mood (and also because of that inspiring scene in Lord of the Rings where the Nazgul are riding out from Minas Morgul).

This is my progress so far but I haven’t painted some areas yet such as the sky and wooden perches/walkways.

These two versions are with/without a focus pass (a blurred version masked over a sharpened version).

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