Thomas Moran Colour Study

Doing these master studies make me realise how little I know about colour! Below is the section of the colour wheel that I thought applied to Moran’s painting.


Thomas Moran (1912) Grand Canyon with Rainboows

These are some of the points that I try to think of while studying:

  • What are the midtones, highlights and darks?
  • What are the warm and cool hues for a particular area versus the entire painting?
  • What are the value arrangements for a particular area versus the entire painting?
  • Why do Moran’s colours look so vibrant in comparison to mine?
  • How can this study be applied to my own high fantasy concept art project?
  • Can I apply this process to my own paintings of; finding a suitable reference palette, observing and creating a palette from this, blocking in the colours and then refining with more subtle additions of colour i.e. painting directly with colours?
  • Why is a shadow a particular hue? Where is the light being bounced from? Is it from the ground or the sky?
  • How can I abstract forms from real life to use in my concept art in a convincing/believable way?

This is my attempt at the painting:

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