The Art of Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki (2002) The Art of Spirited Away

I wrote simple observations of things that I liked underneath each image.


Cover – I like how so much information can be conveyed in a loose design sketch.


There is a distinction between the foreground and background lighting of the piece. The statue in the ground alludes to beliefs or other cultural related detail.


Roofs: Attention is paid to different types of roof construction. The light spilling from the windows is not overpowering, of high contrast or of high saturation but there is a clear distinction between the moonlight on the lower roofs.


The rough shorthand still conveys a lot of information.


The lighting adds warmth to this otherwise spooky nexus between Earth and the spirit world. The open space is simple but the mood is strong.


Alleyway: The warm lamp light has an inviting effect in the narrow claustrophobic space of the cold alley. The cracked and grungy textures give the sense of an old and long inhabited place. The exposed inside structures and bent air-vent give a sense of use.


Exterior/Boiler Room: There is an interesting mix of shape language. The Eastern styled architecture descends into more industrial shapes but the rounded window/arch shapes are still repeated at the bottom steps. The pipe leading into the image also creates an extra sense of depth without having to rely on a lot of atmospheric perspective.


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