Beak World Thumbnails and Drawing

After I had an idea of what the world’s story could be I jumped into making thumbnails. I found this very difficult though as I was jumping into designing an entire shot before getting a feel of the world’s smaller forms. It helped to spend a while in my sketchbook first and then when I returned to the thumbnails a few days later, I could start to apply form and function to the masses that I had randomly blocked in.

T = general territory

H/O = house exterior

A = arena

C = character

From there I picked some of the thumbnails that I liked and tried to develop them more.

My aim for the 4 concept pieces is to have:

  • an exterior design of a Beak’s dwelling area/house with surrounding environment.
  • an interior design of a Beak’s house
  • a design of the arena where the Fins fight
  • a character development sheet for a Beak or Fin
  • bonus: a wider shot of the Beak’s territory

My attempts so far at drawing the interior of a Beak’s house haven’t been very successful. I think this is both because of my perspective skills and my lack of experience drawing rooms and their clutter. I’ve been practicing drawing simple objects with Scott Robertson’s book How to Draw but I’ll need a lot more practice and observation of objects to make something usable.

This is my development for the shot and design I choose for the exterior of a Beak’s house. I decided to bring the line art to a clean finish so as to practice making good line quality in photoshop (like in my blog posts: Feng Zhu’s line and Scott Robertson’s video on line weight).

Danny and I were thinking of doing different colour versions of the same piece for practice and to show different moods before and after the magical fallout disaster in our story. Jeremy Vickery’s tutorial (which I mentioned in another post: link) would be a good guide for this.

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