FZD Environment Thumbnails

FZDSCHOOL (2014) Design Cinema – EP 78 – Environmental Thumbnails

This technique is similar to what Conann showed us last year with finding shapes in paint. In this video Zhu lays down lots of photos randomly to create a chaotic board of colour and values. He uses this as a base to find settings/environments. He then uses the lasso tool to block in shapes and paints them as structures into the environment that he sees. The idea is to create a new idea from chaos and mistakes so as to get you out of comfort zones – a pipeline is good for reliability but sometimes you need to experiment. Use contrast, shape and patterns. Making mistakes is fine in the design phase, free up your thoughts. Capture the idea first and then clean things up with fundamentals.

Don’t ever let your moral drop. Mistakes pave the way, every stroke you make on the page is allowing you to improve. Don’t compare yourself to others.


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