Marv Walk Cycle (Heavy Male) Feedback Added

Some of the feedback I added:

The arms were stiff while moving forward so I loosened it up by adding more drag.

I hadn’t widened the base of Marv enough making him look off balance. To fix this I spaced the legs farther apart and also worked more on the sideways arcs of his feet.

He was also unintentionally looking quite feminine. His walk seemed to become more male when I widened his base more to suit his girth.  The outward angle of his arms to his body also made him look more feminine which I was having trouble fixing without them cutting through the body a lot. The problem didn’t seem so hard to fix after coming back to it.

I also worked more on how his feet were planting on the ground and rolling up as they were a bit glitchy looking.

Marv Walk Feedback Playblast 01 Front:

Marv Walk Feedback Playblast 02 Side:

Marv Walk Feedback Playblast 03 3/4-view:

Marv Walk Feedback Playblast 04 Top:

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