Craig Mullins Interview

Bobby Chiu (2015) Craig Mullins Artist Interview :

It’s interesting hearing the history behind digital painting but Mullins also gives some good insights in this video:

Because of the tight deadlines and resultant pressures, Mullins says:

“It’s very important to schedule time to get lost. Go off into the weeds and try something that doesn’t work. Then if something does work, bring it back into the pipeline.”

Simple tools require more of yourself to make it work. The result is something more individual and unique to you.

Be mindful of how you approach the canvas. What can you learn from the constraints of a costly medium that can’t be as easily discarded? e.g. a real life canvas versus a digital canvas?

Get your inspiration from living life as opposed to looking through others’ work again and again.

Mullins is an artist because he wants to express something else. Don’t become so focused on the tools – perspective, anatomy colour etc., that they become the end point. It’s not just about art, it’s about what you are expressing.

The emotion that comes from the idea trumps technique. Therefore, how do you get better?

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