Vector Modeling Tests

I really liked the idea of being able to directly translate my sketchbook drawings into illustrator curves and then into polygons in Maya. I first did a test with simple shapes in Photoshop and exported them as an Illustrator file (as I don’t have Illustrator). I wasn’t sure if this was going to work as I’d heard that the file needed to be saved as an Illustrator 7 or 8 file. When I created an “Adobe Illustrator Object” in Maya from these simple path shapes it made an object with a lot of topology problems. A lot of edge loops would need to be deleted in some areas and added in others in order to smooth.

I could have worked around this but when I imported my platform drawing it created shapes in the wrong places.

I think I was missing a step but instead of looking more into I thought I’d try drawing it out with the quad modeling tool instead and see if this would be faster (as I would have had to fix the topology anyway).

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