Platform Model

After trying to model my drawing using vectors I instead drew over my drawing using the quad draw tool. I tried to make as few quads as possible required to make the curved shape and cut out areas. It was tricky trying to keep the resolution low, make no triangles and keep the edges flowing neatly.

Once the flat shape was made with quads I then extruded it to give thickness. I tried to figure out a quick way of adding edge loops to maintain the edges when smoothed but extruding and offsetting only worked for the top and front faces and not for loops that needed to run between holes in the shape. It also created some overlapping edges. I then figured that it was easier to go back and add edge loops before I added thickness as this way I only had to deal with the flow of topology on one side only. Once this was done I extruded again and made sure the new faces had enough edge loops. For the scale I originally thought it would be 50 meters but then I figured it would be better to duplicate it and make it smaller, around 15m to 20m each, the length of some helicopters.

I was watching the Digital Tutors tutorial: Modeling Architectural Destruction in Maya. I realised from this that maybe I should have modeled the broken ends on separate faces rather than adding so much resolution to the whole object?

Alec also gave me feedback saying that I should have considered more how this object would have been constructed in real life and model more parts separately according to this.

I was also trying to model a support structure for this platform.  I started by blocking out a simple circular arrangement to see what it could look like. To do this, I made two different units, moved them out from the origin and them duplicated them as instances around their pivots at the origin.

Abigail suggested that arranging the circular design out in a line with differing sizes might suit our scene better than a triangular arrangement. With this in mind I blocked out how the platform and supports could be arranged all together and added the rough placement of walkways. I was playing with the thickness of some of the walk areas/supports, hence why some of the supports are not holding anything.

I then started to develop the details on the circular platform structure. When modeling the front panel detail for one of the units, the resolution of the whole unit was getting too high. I duplicated the faces that I wanted and then re-modeled the centre structure with lower resolution. Alec said that I could have taken this further and added things like flaps as separate pieces of geometry.

I similarly instanced my units around, the way I did in the rough version, but with four units instead of two.

I didn’t like the supports, so I got rid of them. I’m hoping to model something more suitable.


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