Keith Lango: Building Overlaps, Breakdowns and Micro-Anticipations into Your Workflow

Keith Lango (October 2005) VTS 08 Timing Part IV

My notes:

Offset the timing of different parts of the body. Everything doesn’t usually arrive at the same time. Look at the Treasure Planet (2002) scene where John Silver offers his knives hand. Look at flow, weight, emphasis of space. The hand goes out first and the body settles in after. Actions like this can’t be made by simply offsetting the keys. This is why we need forethought and planning when creating our poses.

 photo treasure planet_zpsombsrhwz.gif

Treasure Planet (2002)

Flow and rhythm. Think of where you want your point of emphasis e.g. the hand is in contrast to everything else in the scene above. Emphasis can be created by moving at a different time – late/early- and also by timing fast versus slow. What needs to be emphasized for the story?

i.e. Think through the scene. What needs to be looked at? Emphasize this with offsets.

Creating pose ‘a’, breakdown and pose ‘b’ and then offsetting in the dope sheet can lead to unexpected/unwanted results. Possible alternate solutions: Build your drags and offsets into the breakdown. E.g. In an arm and torso twist – Hold the arm back longer compared to the turn of the torso. Then add another pose/drawing where the arm arrives later. Think also of how the torso eases in. The torso could still be slightly easing in as the hand arrives. Think of the mechanics of the weight happening.

Build breakdowns from what the computer gives you between pose ‘a’ and pose ‘b’.

Micro anticipation – something you feel rather than see. A micro-anticipation will give more pop and energy to your action. Don’t do it with whole body e.g. head/shoulders/elbows as this will create a stutter.

No micro-anticipation:

 photo lango_micro_anticipation_01_zpsg28bnevr.gif

Micro-anticipation added:

 photo lango_micro_anticipation_02_zpsm0aiehg4.gif

You can also add smear poses (like smear drawings), where the form elongates, during a fast movement. This creates a feeling of flow in the forms.


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