Multi-Part Project:Modeling

For the modeling project, Abigail, Matthew Skelly, Christian, Blayne and I are working together (also for the animation project). The first thing we agreed on was that we all like sci-fi themes. Daryl Randall’s, Katie Nobel’s Abyss and James Hugh Dalton’s concepts stood out to us because of this.

We eventually decided that we liked Daryl Randall’s Sci-fi scene the best for inspiration.


Daryll Randall (2014) Sci-fi scene


Abigail shared a pinterest board to help us develop the concept more, found here: link

We initially saw the structure on the left to be the ruins of a destroyed mechanical monster (like a leviathan mech maybe?) because it resembles vertebrae. We thought of how we could turn the scene into a scrapyard of ruined mech parts and have scavenger ships going through it. We then saw that the left structure is probably meant to be the ruins of a sci-fi bridge. We weren’t entirely sure what the structure on the right was meant to be.

I started on a sketch inspired by Amano Yoshitaka’s designs in the film Angel’s Egg but I didn’t like how cluttered it was starting to look.


Christian took together Daryl’s concept, Abigail’s sketches and some of the images we liked from Abigail’s pinterest and photoshopped a new composition together. We liked the scale/epicness of this and thought it would be easier to divide into sections to tackles.


We tried to divide the work to begin with:

  • Blayne – the bridge areas
  • Abigail – the sky structure
  • Matthew – a scavenger ship
  • Christian – terrain areas and a ship
  • Me – the fore/mid-ground area (and hopefully a ship too).

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