Inspiration for Modeling Concept Art

I wanted to develop what the mid/fore-ground could look like in our scene and create a challenge for myself to learn more about modeling. We agreed that a platform of some sorts might suit this area.

I felt that clean drawings that describe the form well would be particularly useful for modeling from. With this in mind I thought it would be a good opportunity to try and put extra time into developing my drawing skills. I’ve been trying to make progress on Scott Robertson’s book How to Draw (2013) and the accompanying video series which are online here:


The book, which has so far focused on drawing shapes and volumes in perspective, also has a lot of sci-fi vehicles, mechs and environments for inspiration.

I came across Feng Zhu’s designs for Star Wars in my bookazine The Art of Film: Volume Two (2015). I like how clear his forms come across with his strong line drawings in perspective and the clear sense of space. I thought that his concept of a ship landing area built into a cave could be applicable to our scene also maybe…? It would give us the opportunity to model organic rock forms along with man-made hard surfaces.


I looked at this drawing from the Dear JJ Abrams website quite a bit also. I like the sense of wear and brokenness that the lines convey:


Ruan Jia also has a lot of appealing forms in his concepts that we could use for inspiration. I love how this guy paints and his application of light and colour too.

Images from:

Abigail showed this image from Steve Burgh to me also. We liked the circular designs on the ground which made me think of trying a circular platform instead of Zhu’s more rectangular shapes.


Image from:

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