Concept Development Sketches for Modeling 01

These are some of my sketches to develop what the different parts of our scene could look like for modelling. In particular I was trying to develop what the platform area could look like and how it would integrate into the rest of the scene.


I thought it would be a good idea to develop the top view of what the center platform could look like. I was thinking that it could look like the remains of a platform where only the support structures are left. I should have perhaps done more research into what this could have functionally/realistically looked like before I settled on this design and modeled it. It might look more like a graphic/symbol than scaffolding now.

Christian had told us about an approach he used to modeling complex shapes in Maya using vectors exported from Illustrator. It took me a while trying to make a clean line in Photoshop in order to make a path for exporting as an Illustrator file. The scanned line alone, even though it looked clean, created quite a jagged path.

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