Anthony Jones: Art Habit

I don’t usually focus on what style I’m using when I draw. I remember reading Daniel Dociu saying that you shouldn’t seek a style but let it evolve naturally after years of study and practice. However, I do see the value of being able to emulate different styles to suit whatever project or world you’re working on. For this reason I’d like to consciously try out different styles for this project.

It was useful seeing Anthony Jones’ approach to various studies in these videos. I like how quick and focused he is when he studies. He keeps a close eye on his objectives and goes through a lot of repetition to wean out his mistakes.

Observe, fail, learn, repeat.

Anthony Jones (2015) Art Habit 1

  • Practice circles, lines and arcs for draftsmanship – these simple techniques will help you draw with confidence.
  • Look at the rougher parts of the drawing in an ‘art of’ book and try to learn from how the finished drawing is constructed from this.
  • Investigate how an artist trained and studied.
  • The aim of these studies is to see how a person designs.
  • You must think about what you are studying. Approach the study with a hypothesis. Then experiment and if you fail, start again.
  • If you make a mistake, keep starting over and try again.
  • Learn how to construct a drawing for that particular world.
  • Analyse the shapes in different ways. Keep analysing while you are drawing and ask yourself questions about what you are constructing or why something is a problem.
  • Switch between larger sharpies to draw the silhouette.

Anthony Jones (2015) Art Habit 2

  • Mistakes Were Made – Recommended book to check out on the psychology of making mistakes.
  • Anthony Jones studies different art books with completely different styles to inform his own drawings later on. Learn.
  • Watch how other artists draw.
  • Fill a page entirely with quick studies of one pose if that’s what it takes to nail it.
  • Have an objective when you study – the shapes/forms, the gestures or proportions?

Anthony Jones (2015) Art Habit 3

  • Book recommendation Dream Worlds
  • In this video Jones studies scale. Use visual measuring techniques and see the scale of objects in relation to each other.
  • For your study session, don’t focus on the finished piece. Ask yourself what you are trying to learn and focus on this.

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