Render Problems

As usual, rendering resulted in a few problems. For one I had forgotten, while setting up the lighting, that you can preview the light in the viewport. Because of this, and despite doing a few spot renders with the animation in place, I missed a few problems e.g. Snappy’s head became too bright when he leaned too close to the light and his teeth fell into darkness for too long when he leaned backwards. One of his eye textures also failed to load. I also had to make sure that all the lights were linked correctly throughout the short e.g. the geometry of the toothbrush changed when it snapped and needed to be re-linked. Luckily these problems weren’t too difficult to fix. For the eye and teeth problem we were able to reload the texture/set up new lighting and cover everything, except what needed to be fixed, with a black surface shader. Blayne was then able to layer these new renders in Sony Vegas. For the lighting on the head, I just keyframed the position and shape of the area light so as to keep the intensity and spread of light even throughout and re-rendered the affected frames.

Blayne had also rendered an ambient occlusion pass but we didn’t understand the correct way to apply it at the time and put it over the direct light instead of a diffuse pass first. Alec showed us this tutorial which I intend to go through:

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