Big/Small Project Reflection

I think the most challenging parts of this project were the ideation and conceptualisation phases. It was tough trying to design characters and settings that would support the comedy, look believable and be appealing.

Looking back I think I spent a lot of time unwrapping UVs that then didn’t need to be used so perhaps I should have unwrapped for example one bottle/container and experimented on that one item. A lot of time was also spent re-unwrapping and re-texturing the second design of Snappy (also true for Blayne and Katie who had to re-rig and re-model) so perhaps we should have looked for more feedback at the design phase in order to avoid doubling the work.

I was glad I took the chance to try out Mudbox even though I wasn’t sure it would work for me. I still think that the lighting and texturing could have been taken further – it’s missing a quality which I really like in works such as One More Beer!, No More Wine and Moments on the Cat Planet, but this may have also been due to the design and creating a believable fantasy world. Some simulation/dynamics may have added to the short also. For instance, I like how in One More Beer! the Viking interacts with the environment by knocking over a tankard of beer and also how he sends up a cloud of dust and shakes the table when he sits down to show his weight more. We also didn’t get to look into creating frothy tooth paste like we wanted.

It was still fun and I enjoyed working with my team:) They made the hard work worthwhile.

No Remorse

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